balm But a lovely mummer!
whit What harm is that?
lats Look at the sea.
bast Better ask Seymour that.
hats Hockey at ten, sir.
paca Pardoned a classical allusion.
posh Percentage of salted horses.
docs Dictates of common sense.
coots Come out of them, Stephen.
bint Beauty is not there.
swims See what I meant, see?
taka Take all, keep all.
dome Dog of my enemy.
cots Cup of tea soon.
haen Ham and eggs, no.
halo He approached Larry O'Rourke's.
ways What are you singing?
isms It suits me splendid.
mash Make a summerhouse here.
tass Then a sigh: silence.
rood Relics of old decency.
hays How are you, Simon?
laity Learn anything if taken young.
hahs Has anybody here seen?
lumps Let us, Mr Power said.
qaid Queen Anne is dead.
ichs I could have said.
tofts Tourists over for the show.
wats What about that, Simon?
lits Life is too short.
wast Wetherup always said that.
wits Where is the spirituality?
rocs Rows of cast steel.
taos The ace of spades!
cage Cook and general, exc.
cosh Cunning old Scotch hunks.
sals Swagger around livery stables.
odes Other dying every second.
soda Same old dingdong always.
site Sloping into the Empire.
twit That's witty, I think.
sots Sardines on the shelves.
jabot Just a bite or two.
highs Haines is gone, he said.
whom We have our meeting.
gied Glooria in excelsis Deo.
amid A most instructive discussion.
oafs O, a few shillings.
hiss He is, Stephen said.
gams Good afternoon, Mrs Sheehy.
sits Say it's turn six.
sods Scott of Dawson street.
teths Twopence each, the huckster said.
roti Reuben of that ilk.
game gold asked more eagerly.
spar She passed a remark.
goby Go on, blast you!
wait Which air is that?
sites Souse in the ear sometimes.
hahs he asked her, smiled.
thaw Three holes, all women.
gids Goddess I didn't see.
note Nations of the earth.
wyns What's your name, sir?
gits Gerty is Tommy's sweetheart.
drat Dislike rough and tumble.
chart Children's hands always round them.
butt Bag under their tails.
tans Two and nine, sir.
lost Like our small talk.
tact Tell a cram, that.
caca Cut and come again.
loss Love's old sweet song.
slap Stinks like a polecat.
halo Half a league onward!
lota Lily of the alley.
plus Pyjamas, let us say?
bota But of this apart.
loss Love's old sweet song.
fats FLORRY: And the song?
mots Monks of the screw.
diss Do it standing, sir!
weel We eat electric light.
icky I could kiss you.
shit STEPHEN: How is that?
star SIMON: That's all right.
naos Noble art of selfpretence.
bots Bottles out there, say.
oats one asked the sailor.
airs Am I right, skipper?
bots Beware of the steamroller.
narc Name, age, race, creed.
rive rules is very easy.